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Mohammed G

“I had a great experience having Gabriella Bettiga as my lawyer. She was very committed and worked really hard on my case. I thank her for the help and the success on my case.”


“I received excellent professional advice that led to a fast and successful citizenship application. I would definitely recommend Ms Bettiga for any immigration matter”.

E. M.

“Thank you for all your hard work on my case. I appreciate everything you have done”.

Mr F.T.

“I was very satisfied with the service I received. My lawyer was very dedicated to my case and always available”.

Ms V.M.

“A professional service delivered by friendly staff. The outcome was quite quick and in our favour”.

Dr. G.S.

“The application process was clear and we have been supported throughout the entire episode with accuracy and punctuality”.

Mr L.P.G.

“Very good service. Whether the Home Office was reacting as expected or not, I felt I was in the most capable hands”.


“I can strongly recommend the service to anyone who needs legal assistance. I felt reassured from start to finish. The lawyer demonstrated detailed knowledge of the immigration law and thought of every detail to ensure that the case had the highest chances of winning. In addition to professional excellence, our lawyer also provided gentle moral… Read More


“I had an amazing experience working with Gabriella. She is very professional and helpful and it’s only with her help that I was able to successfully obtain the difficult Tier 1 visa. I highly recommend her to anyone”.